Our Prices

Item Price
Flush $280.00
Donor Board $7.50/day
Recipient or AI Cow $6.50/day
Super Ovulation $18.00 /mil
In Vitro Fertilization Set Up* $50.00
Embryo Transfer per embryo $75.00
Embryo Freeze per embryo $50.00
Prostaglandin $5.00 per dose
Ultrasound or Repro-tract exam $10.00
Fly Control $6.50
Cystorelin $4.00 per dose
Cidrs $16.00
Heat Patches $2.00
Artificial Insemination in house $35.00
Artificial Insemination in and out $40.00
Calves $1.50/day
Mineral Max $25.00
De-wormer $7.25
* other charges for In Vitro Fertilization will be charged to owner by Trans Ova Genetics.

Additional Info

  • All cows receive a reproductive tract exam, de-wormer, mineral max and fly control upon entry.
  • Donor set up is approximately $460.00. A donor will be at the center for 1 flush approximately 30 days.
  • Genuine Genetics does not charge for embryo storage to active clients.
  • Artificial Insemination cows if set up at Genuine Genetics will be at the center for at least 10 days.
  • Costs for AI or Donor breeding does not include cost of semen. Semen must be provided by owner.